July 22, 2024

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Transgender Olympic Gold Medalist Track Stars

Transgender Olympic Gold Medalist Track Stars

Okay so, I watched the Olympics, particularly I am interested in track and field events because I was a star athlete in High School and College. My mom likes the swimming events as she made the US Olympic Swim team in 1964. My brother also a track star from high school noted that the winning times in track for the women’s was about what he’d run in High School, actually a little slower 3-seconds for instance in the 800 meter. Okay so, let’s talk about the issue of transgender in sports and the controversy of the South African gal who won her race and got a gold medal, but some have said “It just isn’t fair because for all sense and purposes she is a he.”

Now then, regardless of the Olympic Committee’s finding on this issue, what about the future; would it be fair for male athletes to all of a sudden decide they are female, what if a male has their male genitalia removed, could he then compete in the women’s events? Why even ask the question, you ask?

Well, I mean with all the political correctness you’d think that we are all “equal” in every way right? That you should use the bathroom of choice, whatever you feel like, based on your perception of your identity? Well, if so, you should be allowed to compete as a woman even if you were born a man.

We know that there is about 1.2% of the human population which is biologically a little off, this is normal in all species, meaning they might have some male and some female parts or their hormonal flow is off from their body parts – gender biological designation, which is probably more of the case with the South African sprinter who has tested more male than female. For this, we need to be careful how we classify, or even disqualify an athlete – after all, it wouldn’t be his/her fault that they were born a certain way – right? And, really this is the basis in part for the argument to allow transgender athletes to compete in whatever gender category they feel is appropriate.

Nevertheless, in our attempt to be fair to all concerned, we get into trouble when we put men against women in the same sport, as it isn’t fair to all those years of hard work to be denied a metal or have to compete against the anatomically stronger gender of our species. Indeed, we also need to be fair for those who are different and inclusive – as these folks are a “normal” and expected minority of any species from insects (Butterfly Research) to humans, and every type of species in between that has ever been studied by biologists – there will always be a small percentage in this category and we should and need to celebrate that diversity not condemn it, as that is the correct thing to do.

Okay now, I ask; should I be allowed as a man to compete in the Women’s Olympics, break world records, and collect all the gold medals in the Middle Distance races? Of course not – regardless of which body parts I cut off. Think on it.