June 22, 2024

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Ultimate Greyhound Racing System

You probably haven’t heard of the Ultimate Greyhound Racing System yet as it is still pretty new. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the system and have been putting the system to good use over the past couple months with a lot of success.

The Greyhound Racing System is only available for Australian Racing due to the fact that you will need access to the NSWTAB or another Online TAB within Australia to get the form data you need to check each greyhound and see if it qualifies to be a selection or not.

The rules were very straight forward and it only takes a couple minutes per race meeting to come up with all qualifying greyhounds. The best part about this system is that you only need to operate one day per week which is a Saturday. The reason why the system operates and is so successful on this day is that it operates out of Wentworth Park in Sydney and The Meadows in Victoria. These 2 greyhound tracks have the best quality racing you will find in Australia on a Saturday Night.

The other reason why it is so good on a Saturday night is the fact that the WIN Pools for the TABS are a lot higher than mid week meetings. I chatted with the gentleman that came up with the system for around 30 minutes and we shared some other ideas on getting a good strike rate and high profits mid week and some of the changes that have been made have actually made it very profitable mid week as well.

So I guess you want to know the vital statistics for this system by now? Well here they are it has a staggering 61% strike rate on overall winners. This is a very high strike rate for the win and I am yet to see another Greyhound Racing System that performs so well. Not only does it have a high strike rate on winners but the place strike rate is 91%. These are very impressive results and this is why the profit level is so good even if you get short priced greyhounds.

The Staking Plan put in place is a very sensible one as well I feel as it really takes into account a good run of outs which is not very likely when using the system but they still allow for it. It gives you that extra safety buffer if you did experience a run of outs. You will find a lot of systems either wont come with a staking plan suitable to the style of strategy or worse than that no staking plan at all. I have been a follower of the racing industry for over 40 years and in all of my experience there is only one way to make a profit from racing longterm and that is to have both a great strategy and stick to it while following a great staking plan.

Greyhound Racing is one of those sports that a lot of people shy away from because of the amount of things that can go wrong during a race but thats what I love about it the most. The really good quality greyhounds are proven runners and very rarely find themselves getting checked when they are from good boxes which is why I have added some rules about box draws to my selections to see if that can improve the strike rate even further. How many times have you seen a greyhound win in Box 1 and then the next race they are jumping from that awful Box 5 and get knocked coming out of the boxes or checked coming into the first bend because they were unable to jump well. It happens all the time.

In summing up this Greyhound Racing System can make some very good profits and the rules are very simple. They don’t take box draws into consideration when making selections. Odds are also not a factor in deciding which greyhound is a selection. You will actually be surprised when you see how they pick them, but it works and it works well. I am very happy to be on board for this great package and have already made some excellent profits.