July 23, 2024

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Wrestling Moves, Arm Drag Double Leg Takedown

Wrestling Moves, Arm Drag Double Leg Takedown

One of my favorite wrestling moves is the Arm Drag. The Arm Drag has a couple of variations to it, but the basic techniques is the same. It is easier to show you how to do this wrestling move than it is to explain in an article. You can see videos on how to do this on my blog, but for those who Like to read I will attempt to explain how to effectively do an arm drag.

What you are trying to do with the Arm Drag is to clear the arms of your opponent so that he cannot bind you in a tie. You clear the tie by doing a wax off motion. That’s right, wax off, just like the original Karate Kid. You wipe his hand off of your shoulder and you through his hand to your far side pocket. Then you have to catch his arm in his arm pit as high up as you possibly can. Many wrestlers make the mistake of trying to drag someone from the elbow or tricep. You want grab him as high up as you can on his tricep. Even up in his arm pit if you can.

Once you have thrown his hand across your body and you have grabbed him as high up in his arm as you possibly can you need to pull him across your body and you need to penetrate at the same time. Do not make the mistake of leaning back as you pull him across your body. Make sure that you are pulling and penetrating at the same time.

Arm Drag Finishes

There are three main ways to finish an arm drag. There is a drag down which is kind of like a duck under where you drag your opponent to the ground and come behind him. Then there is a trip. You drag him and trip at the same time. Then there is an arm drag to a double leg finish which is what I show how to do in a video on my blog.

When you drag to a double you need to double off once you have dragged the other wrestler across your body and you have penetrated. You want to try to trap his arm in between your chest and his body so that he can’t defend the double leg with a wizar or anything.